1. Your service provider will provide you with a 6-character code.
  2. Enter the code into the tracking box on our site.
  3. You will now see: how many stops your service person has scheduled ahead of yours, how far away they are and approximately how long it would take them to drive to your site from their current location.
  4. Automated email messages will alert you to any status changes.

  1. Time.
  2. Distance.
  3. Number of stops scheduled ahead of yours.
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Both sites run exactly the same way. The only difference between the two sites is the domain name. So, if you are a service provider you can choose which domain you would rather use based on your own business profile.

Privacy is important to us.

Our system does not show a map of where a service person is (or was). We simply show numbers (i.e. time and distance).


This site is an excellent place to market both products (like new appliances) and services (typically things like: maintenance, repair and extended warranty services).


In fact, you'll probably find that our service helps to streamline and improve your current processes.

With a quick glance at a phone your service person can see exactly where their next stop is.

As soon as a job is completed, you'll be able to see the job status change in live time (making it easier to figure out if there will be time to squeeze in an extra job or not).

You can also assign new jobs to your service people that will automatically reorder their currently scheduled jobs - perfect for emergency situations.

Of course.

Give us a call (437) 826-5720 or email us (sales@WhereIsTheRepairman.com) your questions. We're happy to help.

Click here to send your service provider info about signing up with WhereIsTheRepairman.com - it's a free service.


If you have fewer than 5 service people, our service is free.

If you have more than 5 service people or you would like to brand the tracking pages with your company name and/or product info there is a charge of 32 cents per scheduled job. So, if you scheduled 3 jobs for your service person in a day, your total cost would be 96 cents.